New world map shows all country's major exports

New world map shows all country’s major exports


Dhaka – Bank of America Merrill Lynch has recently brought out a world map which highlights the major exports of all the countries across the globe.
Using the 2014 CIA World Factbook, the map demonstrates the global trends of exporting goods, except for services.

The report derived from the map highlights the amount of countries dependent on goods as their primary sources of income. The map also depicts a number of patterns, such as the importance of oil exports to various economies.
Across much of Asia and Africa, large numbers of countries shaded in red and orange indicate the importance of exports such as gold, iron ore, and coal to these nations.
India’s biggest export is precious stones. Conversely, European exports are focused on machinery and transportation.
Electronics dominate in both China and the USA, while food and drink and textiles top the bill in a number of countries.
Clothing, especially the apparel products, is the main exports cited from Bangladesh.


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