Newly harvested jute in Narsingdi markets

Newly harvested jute in Narsingdi markets


Narsingdi Correspondent

The newly harvested jute has started  coming to the local markets and other growth centres for the last couple of days. The growers here are happy as they are getting fair price of jute this year.

The new jute is being sold at Tk 1800 to 2000 per mound (40-kg) depending on their varieties and qualities.

The growers urged the authorities concerned to purchase their jute of all qualities at different rates. They said the purchasing agencies of the jute mills of Bangladesh Jute Mills Corporation (BJMC) are purchasing only the best quality jute at higher rates from the local markets. As a result organized syndicates are showing less interest for purchasing the comparatively lower quality jute from the local markets.

They said they have no alternative to sell the lower qualities jute to a section of dishonest buyers at rates between Tk 600 and 800 per mound.

The jute growers urged the government to instruct all purchasing agencies of the jute mills for buying jute of all qualities at different rates to ensure fair price and keep the trend for increasing jute farming onwards.

Jute growers appreciated the government order for compulsory using of sacks and gunny bags instead of synthetics sack in various items especially in agriculture commodities and also using in the kitchen market.

Describing development as a “collective enterprise”, the Bangladesh premier also called for devising a robust mechanism to facilitate mutually enriching dialogue among the stakeholders.

“Development is premised on a productive relation among governments, employers and workers it’s a collective enterprise, and has to be competitive, compliant and caring,” she said.


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