Nirab to fly Bangalore for shooting of Balaa

Nirab to fly Bangalore for shooting of Balaa


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The news has become old that actor Nirab turns a new chapter in his career by signing in a Bollywood film. The new information is that he is all set to leave Dhaka for Bangalore this afternoon for taking part in the shooting of the film titled ‘Balaa’.

Nirab informed journalists , “I am going to Bangalore today (Monday). Director Faisal Saif informed me that the shooting work will be continued for 20-25 days at a stretch.”

The film also stars Bollywood actress Kavita Radheshyam and Pakistani actress Mira Khan alongside Nirab. Kavita was tagged as Kim Kardashian of India by UK’s No.1 tabloid.

Director Faisal Saif is famous for his films such as Jigyaasa, 5 Ghantey Mien 5 Crore, Main Hoon Rajinikanth, Amma and Shraap.

Balaa is presented by MT Media & Films.

The actor has signed in the contract paper of the film last month at Bangalore in India.

The film will be pictured with three different cameras at a time at several beautiful locations in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore in India, Nirab said.


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