No democrary, country in grip of plunderers, extortionists: Ershad  

No democrary, country in grip of plunderers, extortionists: Ershad  


Jatiya Party Chairman HM Ershad on Monday said it’s not possible to hang onto power for a long time by killing people and resorting to enforced disappearance.

Addressing the biennial council of his party’s Khulna unit, the former president also alleged that the ruling party men are grabbing land and property of those who voted them to power.“No one could cling to power for a long period by killing people and making them disappeared, and won’t be able to do so as well… We’ve lost our values and courage for fear of bullets,” he said while addressing the council at Shaheed Hadith Park in the city.

Ershad, also a special envoy to the Prime Minister, said the country is now under the grip of a lifeless democracy. “Though the democracy remains in the page of the constitution, it lacks in the country. Awami League has deported it. The country is now under the total grasp of plunderers and extortionists and tender manipulators.”

He alleged that the women and children are being subjected to killing and torture as there is no rule of law and independence of the judiciary. “The incidents of killing and violence are increasing for lack of justice and culture of impunity. Now even children are not safe in their mothers’ womb.”

Ershad claimed that the media also could not portrait the real scenario of the country as they are being regulated by the Information Minister. “No one even can speak the truth at TV talk-show programmes due to the grip on the media.”

The Jatiya Party chief urged people to vote for his party in the next polls to get rid of the country’s current sordid condition and restore democracy.

At the council, Ershad announced that Shafiqul Islam Modhu was re-elected the president of Khulna district unit Jatiya Party as he was the lone candidate for the post.

He said the other office bearers, including the general secretary, will be elected through votes of party councillors as there are more than candidates for those posts.- UNB


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