No more admission test for higher education!

No more admission test for higher education!


A news item, ‘7 Newly Affiliated Colleges: DU to hold separate tests for admission.’ has drawn my attention. When people from all walks of life, including our honourable President, were advised to introduce a combined test considering the suffering of students and guardians along with a huge financial expenditure for admission in the coaching centres plus fees for admission test for each department or units for all the public and private Universities, one added admission test shocked us a lot. So, coaching centres can charge extra for this preparation and new coaching centres will come up. It is observed that no coaching centres are found for the admission to HSC and grade one. But not very long ago, there were many coaching centres for HSC admission and grade one. Due to marking system and lottery coaching centres have disappeared.There were no admission tests in these seven colleges. So, what was the problem? Actually, we have to change our mindset. Do we need hundreds of thousands of people having Master’s degree? Many people will not be interested in Higher education if they are able to apply for officers’ jobs with the qualification of HSC. After joining a job, s/he will do a professional degree and if need be will pursue higher education which will save money, time and reduce human labour.
I urge the concerned authorities for taking immediate actions to stop a separate admission test for entrance to the said colleges.
Mawduda Hasnin



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