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No more flyover rather run large-comfortable bus services!


Soma working in a government hospital goes to her office from Arambag to TB gate regularly by public transport. She at the early stage of pregnancy. She can go to the office, either way, moghbazar to link road and then TB gate or Arambag to Mohakhali and then TB gate. She has to change bus at least two times on each trip.The roads from Rampura to Moghbagar, however, remain dilapidated for a long time and it is too much risky for her and extremely uncomfortable even for other people to travel through this route. The travel time is also a great concern for her and other commuters.
Lastly, Mohgbazar flyover has opened partly and it has given rise to a severe traffic from one end to the other of the flyover. So trips take longer time than before.
We urge the roads and highways minister and concerned authorities to look into the matter and introduce bus services considering the passenger of TB gate instead of constructing more flyovers.
Sheuly Haque
Sheuly Haque<>


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