No SIM registration after May 31: Tarana

No SIM registration after May 31: Tarana


State Minister for Posts and Telecommunications Tarana Halim on Sunday warned that there will be no time extension for registration of SIMs and RUIMs after May 31.

“SIMs and RUIMs which remain unregistered after May 31 will be deactivated and the users could not activate them in two months,” said the state minister at a view exchange meeting with all related to SIM registration at the ministry. Dhaka, UNB News Agency Reported.

“The mobile operators could sell the unregistered SIMs if the users do not activate them again after two months,” she added.

She also revealed that 10.9 crore mobile phone users have already re-registered their SIMs and RIUMs, hoping to complete the process before the deadline.

The users who are facing problems while registering SIMs are requested to make a call no 16103 of NID call centre.

The information about the SIMs registered, including how many were registered in one name, will be disclosed either at the end of June or at the beginning of July, she added.


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