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Oli demands fair election with the participation of all


Liberal Democratic Party president Col (retd) Oli Ahmed on Saturday demanded early elections as he thinks there is no other alternative to overcoming the country’s political and social problems.“We demand a free, fair and neutral election with the participation of all parties. There’s no alternative to it. We hope the government will take steps in this regard,” the former BNP stalwart said.
Otherwise, Oli warned that it will not be possible to restore stability, people’s confidence and overcome the country’s current crisis.
He came up with the remarks while exchanging views with journalists over the country’s current situation at a city hotel.
The LDP chief put forwarded some suggestions, including removal of the barriers to good governance, establishing the rule of law, shunning politics of vengeance and politicisation, what he called ‘false campaigning’, restoring freedom of expression, human rights, carrying out economic reforms and forging a national unity, to overcome the country’s current political and militancy problems.
He also called upon all to avoid the politics of ‘blame game’ in the interests of the country and its people.
Oli alleged that some local and international vested quarters are conspiring to destroy the country’s economy and industries by spreading militancy in Bangladesh.
He alleged that many foreign nationals are illegally staying in the country. “Who are they and how are they living in Bangladesh? What is the source of their power? Many of them might have involvement in militancy.”
The LDP president also criticised the government for its failure to check widespread corruption and indulging in repressive acts.
He, however, appreciated the government for its some good initiatives like construction of Padma Bridge with domestic resources, placing a big-size national budget, controlling inflation and enhancing power generation.
Oli also raised his doubts over BNP’s efforts to forge a national unity nplatform with some other opposition parties keeping its 20-party alliance partners out of the process.


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