'Our Rivers, Our Water Future': International Rivers

‘Our Rivers, Our Water Future': International Rivers


International Rivers has just prepared a strategic plan named ‘Our Rivers, Our Water Future. Let’s hear the story from the organisations executive director Kate Horner. – “I’m excited to share International Rivers’ vision for the movement for rivers over the next five years, detailed in our new Strategic Plan.“Water is essential for life on earth. But for too long, river and water defenders – people who’ve dedicated their lives to protecting our most precious resource – have labored in obscurity, starved of resources, and often facing persecution for their courageous work.
“As a result, our waterways have been polluted, neglected and fragmented, transformed from vibrant, connected ecosystems that support humans and wildlife alike to stagnant dead zones.
“The movement to protect a river is often local, but the consequences of failing to protect a river are global: displacement, food insecurity, loss of biodiversity. And yet global decision-makers have often overlooked rivers in their conservation work.
“It’s time for that to change.
“Healthy rivers feed our most vulnerable people, sustain some of our most diverse ecosystems, protect us from floods and droughts, and are central to the cultural identity of so many people around the world. It’s time to galvanize policymakers to understand the critical importance of rivers – and to finally make firm commitments to protect them.
“We are ready to deliver this transformation. In the past three decades, we’ve grown from a small group of volunteers into a global organization with offices in every region where we work. We will mobilize our vast networks, armed with cutting-edge research, to change how governments and corporations operate. We believe in the power of people to achieve great change.
“We must seize this moment to protect the world’s life-giving waterways, because they are fundamental to the health and wellbeing of our people and this planet. And they will help us survive the coming climate chaos: Healthy rivers with intact floodplains are our best defense against the increasingly frequent and severe floods and droughts wrought by climate change.
“This is a challenging time, with repressive governments on the rise and climate change threatening. But rivers and water provide a new vision – one of cooperation across boundaries. We are inspired by the many water defenders finding creative and innovative ways to achieve tangible impact, even under corrupt, authoritarian regimes.
“Over the next week, we’ll be sharing more information about our plans and our vision for healthy rivers. We hope you’ll read the daily pieces on our website. We welcome your thoughts and your feedback. We’re so glad to have you with us as we embark on an exciting new era.”
In solidarity, Kate Horner, International Rivers has a new Strategic Plan. Kate Horner, Executive Director
PS – If you would like to access a single-page PDF version of the Strategic Plan, please click
Via: WaterWatch@Yahoogroups. Com
(International Rivers is an environmental and human rights organization with staff on four continents. For three decades, it as been at the heart of the global struggle to protect rivers and the rights of communities that depend on them.)


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