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Over 5000 farmers solvent by cultivating cucumber in Jhenidah


Day after day the demand of cucumber is increase in the middle class like the upper class. Cucumber is one of the most delicious salad items in our daily meal. As the demand of various areas over five thousand farmers of 200 villages in Jhenidah district are being solvent by cultivating cucumber. And they are gaining a lot in a little cost at that time.Jhenidah agriculture extension department sources said in this season Jhenidah district cucumber cultivated about 1000 hectares of land, last year it was over 700 hectares of land. So, day after day cucumber farming is being famous in this area.

Kulbaria, Joradaha, Batobazor,Mirzapur, Treebeni, Mirzapur, Dignogor, Kancherkol and Dushshor in Bangladesh is famous for producing cucumber.Abdul Kheleque cucumber farmer of Harinakunda Kulbaria village said to the correspondent that, cucumber is now a very demandable vegetable in our country and day after day its demand increased. He added, cucumber haat sits three times in Jhenidah Bazzar. At that time, the baparies from various parts of the country has come to buy this vegetable and at least 50 to 60 cucumber laden trucks go to all over the country.Sabdul Mollah said from Mirzapur said this vegetable is use as curry item in the area. About 30 to 35 thousand taka cost for farming one bigha of cucumber at that time. On the other hand, one can gain at least 60 to 70 thousand money from just one bigha of land. He further added this we have to pay extra 4 to 5 thousand of money for watering cost as less rainfall.Usman cucumber farmer of Kaliganj said two types domestic and foreign verities both are farming very famously. During the month of Holy Ramadan, demand of cucumber increase a lot and we get a good price also. He further added, we get taka 20 to taka 25 per kilogram (KG) at present which is so much profitable. “I have cultivated cucumber in 10 bihgas of land from last 5 years. By getting profit I have built four rooms house, my children are educating in school, I have taken another two bighas of land last year” he added.Deputy Director (DD) of Jhenidah AED Shah Md. Akramul Haque said, said to The Daily Idustry that, the soil and climate is most favorable for cultivating cucumber in that area. The soil is “Doash and Etel-Doash” which is so much important for more production. Upazila agriculture office has trained-up local farmers to use modern agriculture process and distribute healthy seeds also. But farmers have demanded to decrease fertilizer and medicines price to inspire another farmers and make economic revolution in that area.
source:Jhenidah Correspondent


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