Pakistan High Commissioner has been asked to visit the ministry

Pakistan High Commissioner has been asked to visit the ministry


A senior foreign ministry official on Sunday night told that High Commissioner Shuja Alam had been asked to visit the ministry on Today.He would have to explain his government’s comments on the internal matter of Bangladesh, the official added.

Jamaat-e-Islami Secretary General Mujahid and senior BNP leader Chowdhury, both sentenced to death two years ago for 1971 war crimes, were hanged in the early hours of Sunday.

Pakistan in 2013 had opposed the execution of another Jamaat leader, Abdul Quader Molla.

Its Parliament had also adopted a resolution saying Molla was hanged to death because “he was loyal to Pakistan and supported the Pakistan army during the 1971 war”.

This triggered a public furore, prompting Bangladesh’s foreign ministry to summon the then Pakistan high commissioner and strongly protest Islamabad’s reaction.

Pakistan on Sunday noted the two former ministers’ executions with “deep concern and anguish”.

“Pakistan is deeply disturbed at this development,” Islamabad said in a statement on Sunday.

Its foreign ministry spokesperson also labelled the executions “unfortunate”.

Pakistan also said the trials were “flawed”. “As emphasised earlier, we have also been noting the reaction of the international community on the flawed trials in Bangladesh related to the events of 1971.”

“There is a need for reconciliation in Bangladesh in accordance with the spirit of Pakistan, India, Bangladesh Agreement of 9th April 1974.

“The Agreement calls for a forward looking approach in matters relating to 1971. This would foster goodwill and harmony,” the spokesperson said, in the statement.

Bengalis broke away from Pakistan after a nine-month-long bloody war in 1971.

The Jamaat and Muslim League had sided with Pakistan at the time. They also formed several militias including Razakar, Al-Badr and Al-Shams.

Mujahid was the commander of Al-Badr during the war.

Most of the convicted war criminals are Jamaat leaders and Pakistan Jamaat has been giving official reactions after every verdict.


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