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Parliament passes Youth Welfare Fund Bill


Dhaka-Parliament on Tuesday passed the ‘Youth Welfare Fund Bill, 2016′ seeking integration of youths into the mainstream of the country’s overall development through providing necessary support to youth organisations.The Bill, moved by State Minister for Youths and Sports Dr Biren Sikder, was passed by voice vote.
It proposes necessary amendments to and modifications of the Youth Welfare Fund Ordinance 1985 and introduction of the law in Bangla afresh.
The Bill also aims to give legal coverage to all the actions adopted and done under the Youth Welfare Fund Ordinance 1985, which was cancelled due to scrapping of the Seventh Amendment to the constitution by the Supreme Court.
It also proposes specific provisions for forming youth welfare fund and its use, forming youth welfare board, activities and responsibilities of the board, meeting of the board, selection committee, restrictions on awarding grants or awards, appointment of officers and employees, budget, accounts and audit and authority of framing rules and regulations.


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