People to reelect AL in 2019, hopes PM

People to reelect AL in 2019, hopes PM


Urging people to remain alert about BNP-Jamaat clique’s plot to create instability in the country, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Tuesday hoped that they will reelect Awami League in the next general election to be held in 2019.”Bangladesh is moving ahead and will continue to go ahead. People’s support and cooperation is very much indispensable in this regard. I hope they’ll again elect Awami League in the next general election as they did in 2008 and 2014 keeping up the development pace,” she said.Sheikh Hasina, also the AL President, said this in her introductory remarks at the first joint meeting of the newly elected AL Advisory Council and AL Central Working Committee held in Tungipara in the afternoon.

The Prime Minister alleged that the collaborators of the anti-liberation forces, illegal power grabbers like BNP and Jamaat are out to create an unstable situation in the country when Bangladesh’s image has been brightened abroad and a scope has been created for the FDI inflow and when people are living in peace and comfort.”I’ll call upon the country’s people to remain alert in this regard and put up a united resistance against terrorism and militancy,” she said.Hasina went on saying, “A good resurgence has been created among people and no one wants terrorism and militancy anymore; rather they want peace. We’re pledged-bound to ensure that peace and security, and we’ll take necessary steps to this send.”She also asked the leaders and workers of Awami League and its associate bodies as well as the pro-liberation forces to continue their all-out efforts to maintain people’s peace and security.Mentioning that the administration and the law enforcement agencies remain very active, the Prime Minister said, “If the government and the country’s people put up a united resistance, it’ll be possible to root out terrorism and militancy from Bangladesh soil.”She said the aim of her government is to keep up the advancement which has been initiated through ensuring peace and security in the country and turn Bangladesh into a hunger -and poverty- free ‘Sonar Bangla’ as dreamt by Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.”This’ll be our pledge sitting on the soil of Tungipara. We’ll turn Bangladesh into a mid-income county by 2021 and a developed one by 2041,” vowed the Prime Minister.Noting that Bangladesh has seen massive development as Awami League has been in power for the 2nd consecutive term and total 3rd term, she said people could feel the ‘touch of development’ for the continuity of the government. “The country witnesses development while people get peace and food whenever AL is in power.”Recalling the role of Bangabandhu in building a war-ravaged country, Hasina said Bangladesh would have become a more prosperous nation while the country would not have to brave such darkness had the Father of the Nation been alive for another five years.She said the country’s journey towards development resumed with the return of Awami League to power in 1996 after long 21 years following the assassination of Bangabandhu with most of his family members. “Now, Bangladesh is a role model of development in the world,” she said.Taking a swipe at BNP-Jamaat for killing and burning hundreds of people to death alongside damaging public property through arson attacks and vandalism before and after the January-5 election and again in 2015, Hasina alleged that they had also created an unstable situation in the country through unbridled corruption, money laundering and oppressing thousands of AL leaders and workers while in power.About the politics of killing and coup that military dictator Ziaur Rahman had begun after the brutal assassination of the Father of the Nation in 1975, she said Zia and his party BNP had destroyed the spirit of the War of Liberation and rehabilitated the war criminals, killers and rapists.The Prime Minister noted that it is Awami League which implemented various development programmes following its economic policy and the country’s people witnessed their desired achievements as the most traditional party has been in power for the third time, including two consecutively terms, since 1996.She said the government of Awami League has now been working to implement the 7th Five-year Plan, 10-year long perspective plan and other plans to graduate Bangladesh to a poverty -and hunger -free country.AL leaders, including Advisory Council members AMA Muhith, Amir Hossain Amu, Suranjit Sengupta, AL General Secretary Obaidul Qader, Presidium members Sheikh Fazlul Karim Selim, Mohammad Nasim, Engineer Mosharraf Hossain, Kazi Zafrullah and Faruk Khan were, among others, present at the meeting.Earlier, s special munajat was offered as Sheikh Hasina stayed in her newly constructed residential building near Bangabandhu’s ancestral home at Tungipara for the first time.


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