People want Khaleda to be PM again: Mirza Fakhriul

People want Khaleda to be PM again: Mirza Fakhriul


Stating that an ‘unbearable’ situation has long been prevailing in the country, BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir on Sunday said people now want Khaleda Zia to be the Prime Minister again.“Annoyed at the government’s misrule, the people of the entire country now want to see BNP in power. They also want to see Khaleda Zia as the Prime Minister again,” he said.

Fakhrul came up with the remarks while inaugurating Dhaka South unit BNP’s member collection campaign-2017 at Nayapaltan Bhasani Auditorium.He called upon the BNP leaders and activists to go to people at every locality to drum up support for the party. “We believe we’ll get good response from them, if we go to them.”The BNP leader warned the ruling party that no general election will be allowed to be held this time in the country without ensuring a level-playing field.“We’ve been repeatedly saying we want to join the election, but it has to be held under a neutral government and a neutral Election Commission. The Election won’t be held if you seek vote for boat across the county flying in helicopters keeping us stuck in either jail or courtyard. A level-playing field is a must for the polls,” he said.Fakhrul said the government will have to ensure a proper atmosphere for a credible national election so that people can exercise their franchise to establish a pro-people government.

He called upon Dhaka dwellers to wake up for protecting the country’s independence, sovereignty and restore people’s rights.The BNP leader criticised Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina for accusing BNP founder Ziaur Rahman of destroying the 1972 constitution through various amendments, saying she is trying to confuse people over the matter.“Don’t try to fool us as we’re the witnesses to history. It’s your father who had first destroyed the 1972 charter through the 4th amendment for establishing one-party despotic rule Baksal,” he observed.The BNP leader said Ziaur Rahman restored democracy and gave Awami League the scope for doing politics. “Awami League was revived under Ziaur Rahman. It’s history. You (PM) please don’t try to distort this history.”He alleged that the current government has resorted to repressive acts, killings and enforced disappearances to hang onto power as it has got isolated from people.Fakhrul also came down hard on the ruling party men for their diatribes against the US-based Human Rights Watch for its report on the growing incidents of enforced disappearance in Bangladesh, saying the government is making false comments about the report to hush up its misdeeds.


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