PM dismisses opposition threat over Oct 25 rallies

PM dismisses opposition threat over Oct 25 rallies


She says talks could be held with opposition in parliament Describing the opposition’s threat over October 25 rallies as ‘rubbish’, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Wednesday said there is nothing to be worried about it.

“There’s no scope to escalate tension over Oct 25 (rallies) and the opposition’s threat to create something unusual is just nonsense,” she said while talking to reporters after exchanging Eid greetings with the mass people at her official residence Ganobhaban.
Both the opposition and ruling alliances called for their respective rallies in an apparent bid to stage showdowns in the city on October 25 at the fag end of the current regime’s tenure.
Hasina said what will happen after October 25 has been clearly written in the Constitution. “Anyone can get a clear idea about it if s/he goes through the articles 123, 72 and 57 of the charter.”
Responding to a volley of questions from the journalists, she said the Parliament session could continue until the election schedule is announced by the Election Commission.
Hasina also said there will be no anarchy in the country unless the opposition leader creates it.
In this connection, the premier referred to the recent remarks of an opposition stalwart asking its leaders and workers to come out with machete=axe on October 25, she said such threats in broad daylight to mass people was very unfortunate for the whole nation.
“Calling upon the party workers to come out with sharp weapons to kill people is very unfortunate, I just can’t understand why people will kill people,” the premier said urging people to resist such heinous
acts by the opposition.
In this connection, Hasina mentioned that recently there had been some signs of creating anarchy in the country and some unwanted incidents took place at a madrassah in Chittagong, too.
Hasina said little children went to the madrasah to have education on their religion. “Why will these little children be pushed to the wrong path,” she questioned.
Responding to a question about the opposition leader’s threat to boycott and resist the next election, the Prime Minister said if the opposition leader believes in democracy and the voting rights of people then why she would not participate in the election.
In this regard, Sheikh Hasina said the elections that taken place under the current government were very much peaceful, neutral and acceptable to all, and no one could raise any question about these elections. “Is she (Khaleda) fearing of getting defeated in the election? Will she boycott the election for that?” Hasina questioned.
She also questioned about the intention of the opposition leader to be in power other than participating in the election. “If she boycotts the election what’s the other way to go to power!”
The Prime Minister also said it was the nature of the opposition leader to look for an alternative path to go to power.
In this connection, Hasina said the 1/11 was created by the opposition and the people of the country had suffered a lot at that time.
Talking about the scope of holding dialogue between the ruling the opposition parties, she said the door for holding talks is always open. “If they put forward any proposal, surely there’ll be a dialogue,” she said.
The Prime Minister also requested the opposition to come to Parliament, place their adjournment motion and hold the dialogue there.
Earlier, in the morning, the AL leaders greeted the Prime Minister with a bouquet.
The premier then started exchanging greetings with the mass people.
People from all strata gathered at Ganobahban to exchange Eid greetings with their Prime Minister. Some of them were seen sharing their problems with the Prime Minister.
She also exchanged greetings with diplomats, judges and civil and military high officials. -UNB


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