PM Hasina adamant to stop militancy

PM Hasina adamant to stop militancy


Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has said she would eradicate militancy at ‘any cost’.She reiterated her government’s firm stand against terrorism and militancy at a rally in Kurhigram on Thursday.She said the recent murders of two foreigners were part of a conspiracy to tarnish the country’s image.Pointing a finger at rival BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia for the conspiracy, the prime minister said, “Khaleda Zia burnt people alive when she was in Bangladesh. She burnt 150 people from January to March in 2015.”“Now she is abroad hatching new plots. She wants to destroy the image of Bangladesh by killing foreigners here,” Hasina said.Khaleda Zia is now undergoing treatment in the UK.“This BNP and Jamaat[-e-Islami] introduced militancy and terrorism. This militancy and terrorism seems to spare no one,” she said.“But we have taken firm steps. We will not let militancy spread,” she added.Over 120 people were killed in violence during an indefinite transport blockade by the BNP from January to March.

Addressing the rally in Kurhigram, the prime minister urged youths to be self-reliant by shunning drugs, militancy and terrorism.“We are offering several trainings. You’ll have to be self-employed by taking these trainings,” she said.“Militancy, terrorism, drugs will not be allowed…There will be no place for militancy, terrorism in the country,” she reiterated.Earlier in the day, the prime minister inaugurated power connections to former enclave Dashiarchharha and distributed solar power systems among the locals.She addressed a rally at the erstwhile enclave and later another at the Kurhigram Government College ground.People came to the rally in Kurhigram in a festive mood. They squatted on a large area comprising roads and fields.

Hasina arrived around 3pm and inaugurated 15 development programmes and laid the foundation stones of 15 others.In their speeches, local leaders demanded the implementation of several other projects.“You will not have to make demands. Awami League knows how to develop a country. We also have a policy to plan development,” Hasina said in reply to them.She said the government had adopted programmes for Kurhigram’s development.“Kurhigram had been prone to Monga once. It had been considered the poorest area,” she said.“Now, we have removed Monga. People will forget the word Monga,” she added.


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