Hasina proposes all-party election-time govt

Hasina proposes all-party election-time govt


Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Friday proposed forming an all-party election-time government to oversee the next general election but fell

short of making it clear who will head the interim administration.

“We want to hold the next parliamentary elections taking all parties with us. It’s my proposal to the opposition party that we can form an
‘all-party government’ comprising all parties for the election period,” she said in her 21-minute address to the nation televised at
7:30 pm.

Sheikh Hasina said the aim of the government is to hold a free, neutral and peaceful election. “That’s why I’m proposing the
opposition party that you could send names from opposition MPs for including them in the interim cabinet for forming the all-party
government so that no one could have any suspicion about the election,” she said.

In this connection, Hasina said there can be an election removing all mistrusts where people will be able to cast their votes to form their
desired government.
“I request the opposition leader to respond to my plea and she’ll accept my request and value our goodwill with a positive gesture,” she

The Prime Minister called upon the opposition to help establish democracy upon a solid base through a fair, free and neutral election
for the welfare of the country and the nation.

About the next general election, Hasina said as per article 72(1) of the Constitution, the election will be held as per the written advice
of the Prime Minister to the President. “The Election Commission will declare the election schedule,” she said.

On holding the next election during the last 90 days of the current Parliament, the Prime Minister said she would put forward the written
advice to the President after consulting all the parties, especially the stakeholders of the grand alliance. “In this case, I’ll expect
advice from the opposition party as well,” she added.

The Prime Minister addressed the nation at the fag end of her government’s tenure in a move to solve the ongoing political stalemate
that casts a shadow on the next general election.

Referring to the opposition’s call to its leaders and activists to come out with machete and axe on October 25, Hasina urged the
opposition leader to withdraw this instruction.

“The path of peace and unity will bring welfare to the country and the nation. Have your confidence in people, shun the path of terrorism,”
Hasina said requesting the opposition to come to Parliament to place their demands and hold discussions on that.

“The door for dialogue is always open from our side,” she said.

In this connection, Hasina asked the opposition to place their adjournment motion in Parliament and make it clear what they actually

“Come to the path of the peace shunning that of confrontation and we’ll work for the welfare of people through a compromise,” she said
adding that the people of the country do not want confrontation and anarchy.

Talking about the 5,777 elections conducted by the present Election Commission under the present government in a free, fair and neutral
manner, Hasina said the government did not interfere in those elections. “The next national election will also be free and neutral,
Inshaallah,” she said.

Hasina said the government is firmly committed to giving democracy a solid and institutional footing. “Democracy will get stronger when
it’ll be established on the constitutional base and elected public representatives will run the state,” she said.

Turning to the army-backed caretaker government that caused immense sufferings to all, the Prime Minister she said the people of the
country expect that such government will never come again. – UNB


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