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Police Academy will be made centre of excellence: PM


Rajshahi – Prime Minister Sheik Hasina has pledged to make the Bangladesh Police Academy as a centre of excellence and said that she wants to see the Law enforcing agency as the saviour of the nation.She made this comment while taking part in the final parade of Police supers of BCS 34th Batch on Thursday as addressing the program Cheif guest at Police Academy Sardah at 11.00pm as part of her visit to Rajshahi.
In the Liberation war of Bangladesh members of the Law enforcing agency laid their lives and they have great contribution in the independence of Bangladesh.
To the newly enrolled police officers, Prime Minister said I want you all to exercise your duty properly loving the country and countrymen.
Urging the officers to be in the right way with honesty, dignity and sincerity the PM inspired them to be the saviour of the law.
She said the public expectation of an efficient, professional police service will be fulfilled. For facing terrorism and militancy including cyber crime and misuse of Information technology priority has been given to the modernization of the service.
She further added that the task of making counter terrorism unit is to fight terrorism and militancy. Cyber Investigation centre and cyber Training centre will also be established in this regard.
In the process of making Academy as a centre of excellence reform in organizing structure, increasing manpower, providing sufficient vehicle and instrument have been done.
PM before making her speech took the salute of and inspected the parade of the apprentice assistant police super of BCS 34th Batch.
For making contributions to different sectors 141 apprentice police supers were awarded medals and crests at the programme.


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