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Police will open fire to stop muggers, extortionists, DMP


Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) Commissioner Asaduzzaman Mia has warned that police will open fire, if necessary, to prevent crimes such as mugging and extortion ahead of the Eid-ul-Fitr.“Police have been asked to open fire to stop thieves, muggers, extortionists and hooligans if they deem it necessary. No miscreants will be spared,” he said at an interaction on law and order at Gabtoli Bus Terminal on Thursday.
Regarding his order to open fire, Mia later told reporters, “We’ll open fire only if needed in case of any attempted mugging. Also, according to the law, police can open fire in defence and to protect citizens at any time.”
He, however, assured Dhaka residents that police will go by law when considering opening fire.
Responding to a query about recent ‘shootouts’ that left several people dead, Mia said, “Police never gets involved in crossfire. We only catch the criminals and bring them to justice.
“But sometimes police have to retaliate if they come under attack during raids to arrest criminals. Then maybe one or two criminals die, policemen also sustain injuries.”
The DMP chief said muggers and hijacker gangs, known as ‘Malam party’ and ‘Ogyan party’, would not be able to operate freely during the Eid vacations as police have already taken preventive measures.
Mia said at least 200 kidnappers have already been sent to jail for different terms by a number of mobile courts.


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