'Poramon-2' set to release in 14 countries

‘Poramon-2’ set to release in 14 countries


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‘Poramon 2’, now running at nine cinema halls across the country following its release during Eid-ul-Fitr, will soon hit theatres in 14 countries targeting Bangladeshi expatriates living there.Raihan Rafi’s film, ‘Poramon 2’, starring Siam Ahmed and Puja Cherry, will be released in Australia, Canada, USA, UK, Singapore, UAE, Qatar, Denmark, Finland, Oman, Italy, Germany and Malaysia.
The film’s producer Abdul Aziz, also chairman of Jaaz Multimedia, told the film will be released in different cities of those countries one after another from 19 August to 22 September. The film, however, will first be released in Sydney, Melbourne and two other cities of Australia on 19 August, he added.
Avel Films, Midcom and Maje Media Gulf will present ‘Poramon-2’ in those 14 countries. With ‘Poramon 2’, Siam made his first ever big screen appearance where he plays the role of a daring village lad called Shujon, while Puja acts as a poor school-going village girl named Pari. The story of ‘Poramon 2’ is based on a simple storyline of love and separation as a result of rural dogmas.


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