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Ports, border points to have container scanning facility


Dhaka, Sept 5 – The government has planned to install container scanning system at the country’s ports and border points to ensure correct revenue collection and ensure security.Nine container scanning systems will be procured with Chinese grant assistance, official sources said.
Economic Relations Division (ERD) Deputy Secretary AKM Matiur Rahman has sent a letter to Li Guangiun, Economic and Commercial Counsellor of Chinese Embassy in Dhaka in this regard on August 28, seeking Chinese grant assistance in this regard.
The letter says the total estimated cost of the proposed project is $34.83 million out of which $7.83 million will come from the national exchequer while the rest of $27 million as a grant from China.
According to the letter, Bangladesh has to comply with Revised Kyoto Convention (RKC) which was ratified by Bangladesh in 2012. Bangladesh also ratified WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement-2013 in 2016 which requires replacement of physical inspections by non-intrusive ones.
“Under the circumstances, Bangladesh Customs is obliged to install scanners at the ports for quick clearance of goods through customs as 100 percent physical inspection is arduous and time-consuming one. In view of that, the Bangladesh government is interested to procure nine Container scanning systems to install at its ports and border points,” Matiur mentioned in his letter.
The main objectives of the proposed project are to ensure correct revenue collection, trade facilitation and security and safety of the country at the border points and to comply with the Revised Kyoto Convention (RKC).
The National Board of Revenue (NBR) has already brought four customs stations – including a new land port station, a new sea port, and a new inland container depot – under container scanning system to reduce clearing time, enhance trade facilitation, and combat threat against trade and national security.
Talking to UNB, an NBR official said security is now a great global concern while quick customs clearance is the demand of the time.
“The nonintrusive inspection through the mobile container scanners will meet the demand of both the security as well as quick clearance of cargos, while it will reduce the cost of doing business,” the official added. – UNB


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