Pounopunik invited to 'MIFF 2018′

Pounopunik invited to ‘MIFF 2018′


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Khandaker Sumon’s short film Pounopunik (The Hamster Wheel Rebellion) has been invited to take part in the ‘Mumbai International Film Festival (MIFF) 2018′. Pounopunik will be screened under the SAARC Special Package during the 15th edition of the festival, which will take place in Films Division Complex in Mumbai, India from January 28 to February 3.Pounopunik is a Bengali word. It means “recurrent”. The story of Pounopunik is revolved around the struggle of a female sex worker to give her daughter the light of education. Being a member of the dark world of lust, she fights hard to establish the identity of a mother over that of a sex worker. She is willing to fight all odds in order to fulfill her daughters dream to be educated.
Pounopunik is not the story of winners rather it is the story of those losers who lose to the hypocrisy of the society although being courageous. Our society is ruthless & inexcusable to those who try to lead a respectable life by erasing their dark past. In spite of that, some people dream & fight. Maybe they will lose but they will surely leave behind inspiration for others to fight & win.
The central character of the film is played by Aynun Putul. Other important casts include Rani Sarker, Fazlul Haque, Farzana, Rawshan Ara Mukti, Mitu Rahman, Farzana Rumi and Manik Bahar.


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