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Primary centre examination to continue


Dhaka – Primary and mass education minister Mostafizur Rahman yesterday said the primary education completion (PEC) and equivalent terminal examinations would continue until the government take any decision in this regard.
“The primary level has to be upgraded to class VIII. It has to be done as per the National Education Policy 2010. The government is committed to implement the policy. But it is being delayed because it is not happening the way we want. The process has been stopped for some time but it does not mean it has been stopped forever,” he said.The minister told this to the journalists in reply to query while the ministry was holding a press conference on the occasion of the schedule of PEC and equivalent examinations held at the Secretariat.
The minister said there are various problems including building infrastructure to move forward with upgradation of the primary education up to class VIII.
Asked about any conflict between education ministry and primary and mass education ministry, he said, “We might differ on various issues but we don’t have any conflict. Both the ministries are not, all in all, to upgrade primary education up to class VIII.
As per the National Education Policy 2010, the primary education would be up to Class VIII. In order to achieve the goal, the ministry was proposed to cancel the PEC and equivalent examinations but the cabinet division rejected the proposal. So the PEC exams would continue till further decision in this regard.
In reply to a query, Mostafizur Rahman said, “We have taken all steps to stop the corruptions including question paper leakage. We have already brought several persons under punishment for committing irregularities in the examinations.”
The PEC and Ebtedayee examinations would begin on 19 November when at least 31 lakh students would take part in the exams at 7,279 centres. The exams would finish on 26 November, the minister said.
Under the PEC examinations 28.45 lakh students and under Ebtedayee 2.91 lakh students would sit for the exams.
The minister said at least 1.46 students have been decreased in this year’s PEC examinations while 8,149 students decreased in Ebtedayee examinations.
This year the number of male students is 12,99,985 and female students 15,4,524 in PEC examinations while the male students in Ebtedayee examinations are 1,53,152 and female students 1,38,414.
The examinations would begin at 11 am and continue till 1:30 pm. The students with special needs would get additional 20 minutes. – Staff Reporter


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