Proctor catch BCL leader assaulting BAU student

Proctor catch BCL leader assaulting BAU student


On Friday at 11:30 pm at Ashraful Haque Hall of Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU), the Proctor and Provost of the hall caught some elder students red-handed while assaulting a first-year student.

Sources said, on getting the information, the proctor and provost of hall rushed to the spot, seeing a first year student standing on table and immediate senior BCL activist Rakib Hasan, student of agriculture faculty with his fellow sitting in front at the guest room.
Proctor AKM Zakir Hossain said, after getting there the students’ adviser of the university, we took steps against those students who were involved. We took decision in a provost council meeting not to allow guest room culture in the university dormitory.
But rakib and his fellows did not confess to assaulting the junior student.
Students said that the first year students of the resident hall were tortured physically and mentally by senior BCL leaders till late night. Many students were unable to concentrate on studies and sleep at night for this. – BAU Correspondent


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