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Proper knowledge on biodiversity and climate change stressed


School and college level students need proper knowledge about the importance of biodiversity, natural resource conservation and climate change issues so that they can contribute to this field.To this end, there should be time-fitting measures and institutional learning for them as there is no way but to natural resource conservation in the region particularly the vast Barind tract to face the adverse impact of climate change for the greater interests of new and future generation.In the wake of abnormal declining of natural resources like native crop seeds, fish and birds species and other wildlife, conservation of natural resources has become indispensable for facing the adverse impacts of climate change, said Prof Dr Golam Sabbir Sattar of Geology and Mining Department of Rajshahi University.“Role of Biodiversity Conservation in Protecting Environment should be our main slogan,” he added referring to evidence-based method to support natural resource conservation in the dried area and its prospects and challenges.Obviously, we have to devise ways and means on how to cope with the adverse impact of climate change. Integrated approach has become an urgent need to mitigate the adverse impact, he said.He opined that many native crops and vegetable varieties are gradually being replaced with high yielding varieties which are also harmful to our natural ecosystem and public health.There were many indigenous paddy varieties which required less or no irrigation. But, the Eco- friendly varieties are now on the verge of extinction due to wide-ranging promotion of hybrid and high yielding varieties.The promoted varieties consume large irrigation and chemical fertilizer and pesticides which are detrimental to environment.Apart from this, Dr Sattar viewed that most of the native fish species particularly the small indigenous ones are on the margin of extinction due to massive absorption of exotic ones.Agriculturist Rabiul Alam, Executive Director of Agriculture Sustainable and Socio-Economic Development Organization, stated that the rain-fed transplanted Aman paddy is now becoming depended on irrigation triggering pressure on underground water table which becomes a common concern.Time has come to build wider network among the educational institutions and creating platform for open dialogue to initiate regional research programmes on regional problems and solution.
Importance should be given to capacity building to address climate change in the region with special reference to conservation of drought tolerant species.He said the existing two-storied building will be elevated to three-storied very quickly where a full-fledged modern laboratory will be set up, thereby the research activities of the center will be expedited.BSS, Rajshahi


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