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Prove popularity without resisting Khaleda: Bnp tells PM


The BNP on Sunday said it expects no low-taste and provocative remarks from the government and ruling party men as those only pollute the country’s political environment.
A statement signed by its joint secretary general Barkatullah Bulu said this Criticising the Prime Minister for her remarks that Khaleda Zia has no right to do politics.The Bnn said different quarters from the government are repeatedly making indecent remarks against its chairperson Khaleda Zia ahead of the elections to three city corporations. “We condemn such remarks.”
“Our party firmly believes people are the source of all power. Just prove once with whom people are without trying to resist the BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia and its leaders from going to the people.”
The statement observed that the government confining Khaleda Zia to her office from January 5 this year and blocking her ways by putting up sand-laden trucks and water canons has exposed that it has no courage to appear the before people.
On Saturday, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina at a programme in Gazipur said Khaleda Zia has no right to do politics in Bangladesh as she, in the words of the PM, has made the public life miserable through destructive activities. – News Desk


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