Pupils can help families protect kidneys thru' food habit

Pupils can help families protect kidneys thru’ food habit


Kidney expert Prof. Dr. MA Samad on Sunday observed that the students of schools and colleges could play significant role in creating awareness among their family members and society and also can bring changes in their own lives through changing food habit and lifestyle and to keep well for life.
“Children are remaining under constant threat of catching the most harmful kidney disease as they are fond of junk food which is mostly adulterated also mixed with toxic chemical elements that cause affect kidney”, he said in his power point presentation at a discussion meeting on causes, remedies and preventive measures of the kidney diseases.Prof Samad said the children, who are now students, should be targeted for screening and raising awareness among them because if once they are understood about the harmful impact of kidney disease they themselves will be careful as well as be able to motivate their other family members regarding prevention of this disease.
“Different study suggests that more than two crore of people in Bangladesh are somehow affected by Kidney disease. At least 5 persons sustain untimely death per hour being affected by kidney disease”, he said.
He said those who have high blood pressure, diabetes and nephritis-they are under risk of catching kidney disease and more than 80 percent kidneys in our country go damaged due to these three reasons.
The kidney expert said repeated kidney infection, kidney stone, urinal obstruction, obesity, smoking, taking antibiotic and acute pain killer, leading idle life, crossing the age level of 40 are considered the reasons for catching CKD.
He said only through two simple lab tests and a simple equation it may be diagnosed how much of the total of kidney is functioning. These are albumin or micro albumin in urine and creatinine in blood. Its easily understood that its possible to prevent the life killing kidney failure through changing the lifestyle, food habit and maintaining a disciplined and hygienic way of life.
Prof Samad urged the concerned persons, school management, local elites and public representatives to extend necessary cooperation in smooth running of the program so that a huge number of students also their guardians may come under the coverage.
The Kidney Awareness, Monitoring and Prevention Society (KAMPS) and ICDF has jointly undertaken a countrywide school-based kidney disease detection and prevention programme with an objective to raising awareness among the students in prevention of Kidney diseases also to run Kidney screening of school students.
Under the programme, KAMPS and ICDF, the non-profit voluntary organizations, organized a day-long kidney screening program and as part of which a discussion meeting styled “What to do for preventing Kidney Disease: Role of School/College Students”was also held at the National Bank Public School and College at the city’s Maghbazar area.
Kidney screening and other lab tests of more than 100 students and teachers were done in the daylong programme.
Principal of ‘national Bank Public School and College’, Abu Zafar Md. Saleh presided over the ceremony while Chairman and CEO of ICDF, Mir Mosharef Hossain Ami, General Manager of KAMPS, SM Mahiuddin, senior teachers of the college were present on the occasion.
Under the programme KAMPS-ICDF will hold free medical and kidney screening camps and awareness raising campaign at 200 schools in Dhaka city primarily while the programme will gradually be expanded up to the remote villages of different districts across the country. – Staff Reporter


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