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Rajbangshi community alleges racial conspiracy


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Some self-obsessed people within the community being motivated by others are trying to include Rajbangshi minority people into ethnic communities again, though in 2010, the government out-listed them from ethnic minority groups to let enjoy all civil rights, complained Bangladesh Rajbangshi Development Foundation(BRDF) forming a human chain at the National Press Club yesterday.BRDF president Suresh Rajbangshi said: “This has become our existential crisis. We want to be treated as mainstream population.”
Saurav Rajbangshi of the community said: “Some people especially in Magura, who added Rajbangshi as their name just to enjoy the quota systems are trying hard to go back to hold the status of ethnic minority group. They have some influential people who may help them materialise their goal”
With the passing of time Bangladesh has come to the present state.Rajbangshi community is an inseparable part of the country. In 1991 then government included the community in the national census and from 2009 the minor group was taken out of ethnic status, said the protesting people.
“We dont want be called as ethnic minority. We are Bangali and we want to hold that status. We are against any division within Bengali community,” said the president of BRDF.
They speakers on the occasion sought the Prime Minister’s intervention into this matter.


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