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Rajshahi flooding worsens as Farakka sluice gates opened


Dhaka -Flood triggered by the rise in water level of the Padma River after India opened the sluice gates of the Farakka Barrage to ease Bihar flood situation left several hundred people in four upazilas marooned.SM Ali Mortuja, officer of Rajshahi Water Development Board, said the water level of the mighty river is about to reach its danger mark with a 2cm rise in every three hours,UNB News Agency Reported.
At the current rate, the danger level will cross by Saturday night.The water level at the point was recorded at 18.50 cm.The water flow of the Padma is increasing as India has opened the floodgates of Farakka Barrage, said Ali Mortuja.The swelling of the Padma has already flooded Goodagari, Paba,Charghat and Bagha upazilas.Haripur UP chairman Bajle Rizbee al Hasan Munjil said the people of
seven flood-affected villages in his union are also facing difficulties with their cattle.


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