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Rating Chess: Five players share top slot


Dhaka – Five players shared the top slot in Category A of the Saif Powertec 2nd International Rating Chess Tournament securing four points each after the 5th round matches at the Chess Federation hall-room on Wednesday.The leaders are: GM Ziaur Rahman, GM Enamul Hossain Razib, IM Mohammad Minhaz Uddin, WIM Shamima Akter Liza and Mohammad Masum Hossain.Four players shared the 2nd position securing 3.5 points each after the 5th round encounters.They are: GM Mollah Abdullah Al Rakib, IM Abu Sufian Shakil, Mohammad Sharif Hossain and SM Sharon.In the Category B, five players shared top slot collecting full five each from 5th round matches at the NSC Tower auditorium on Wednesday.They are: WIM Rani Hamid, Abdul Momin, Md Shariatullah, Sonkalan Bharati of India and Feroz Ahmed.In Category ‘A’ matches, Sharon drew with GM Rakib, GM Zia beat FM Kh Aminul Islam, IM Minhaz drew with IM Shakil, GM Razib beat Md Siddiqur Rahman, Masum defeated FM Mohammad Fahad Rahman, WIM Liza outplayed FM Md Taibur Rahman, Sharif crushed FM Mohammed Abdul Malek and FM Mehdi Hasan Parag trounced Mohammad Shameem, Subrota Biswas drew with FM Mohammed Jved and CM Sohel Chowdhury beat CM Chanchal Kumer Ghosh.In 5th round of B Category, Feroz beat WFM Sharmin Sultana Shirin, WIM Rani Hamid beat Motiur Rahman Mamun, Momin beat Mohaqmmad Aminul Islam, Sariatullah beat Mohammad Sherajul Kabir, Sonkalan beat Dewan Shahidul Amin and Amir Hossain drew with Belal Hossain.The 6th round Category A matches will be held Thursday from 3:pm at Bangladesh Chess Federation hall-room while the 6th round ‘B’ Category matches will be held on Thursday from 4:30 pm at NSC Tower Auditorium Lounge.UNB news agency


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