Raushan's statement is beyond her jurisdiction: Ershad

Raushan’s statement is beyond her jurisdiction: Ershad



Jatiya Party (JP) chairman HM Ershad yesterday said that his wife’s Sunday’s statement regarding him was beyond her jurisdiction as per party constitution.Eralier on Sunday, Opposition leader Raushan Ershad has urged their party chairman HM Ershad to take decisions in a democratic manner as JP is not the company of any individual.

“The JP parliamentary party leader should remember that the parliamentary party is a branch of JP only. The parliamentary party runs following the policy of JP. So, it cannot take any policymaking decision from this forum. The Presidium of JP is the sole authority for taking any decision or discussion on any issue,” HM Ershad said in a statement released to different media yesterday.

The opposition leader has undermined the party by saying ‘JP is not the company of any individual’ through press conference which is beyond her jurisdiction, he said in his statement.

Once JP chairman throughout his wife Raushan from the party and brought her back in November 2008 under section 39 of the party constitution.

Anisul Islam Mahmud was also made acting-chairman of JP under section 39 in 2008.

“The JP runs under a constitution and registered with the Election Commission. This party constitution is not imposed by any particular person—it’s a document of democracy which approved by the national council,” the former president Ershad said.

According to his statement, it is needed approval from the national council to change a single word of the party constitution and this is the nature of party democracy.

“The section 39 is not created by me as chairman. The party council has created it. So, if there is any objection about section 39 of the party, anybody can raise it during national council of the party. Raushan among 16 were also brought back under section 39 and returned the presidium memberships,” HM Ershad said.

He said 35 members of the present presidiums were included under section 39.

“When the section 39 goes in favour someone it is acceptable otherwise it is become undemocratic. So, such mentalities should not be there,” Ershad, who is also the special envoy to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, added.

Announcement the date of party national council was not a sole decision, he said, adding that the decision was taken through presidiums after changing dates from the Election Commission two time.

There is no scope to change the date of party national council as the venue is rented and invitation cards are already sent to different foreign missions in Dhaka, he said.

The national council will be held on May 14.

“I would like to request the party chairman not to take decisions unilaterally. Decisions should be taken as per the party charter in the interest of its followers,” Raushan asks Ershad, also her husband, at a press briefing at parliament’s media centre on Sunday.

“It rather belongs to leaders, activists and supporters,” the 74-year-old opposition leader said.

She raised questions about the leaders who are now surrounding the party chairman – Ershad, now in his mid-80s.

Demanding that the article 39 of the party charter be dropped, Raushan said if the party is not democratic then how the country will be democratic.
“Democracy should be practiced within the party. A vacuum has created in Jatiya Party now,” she lamented.


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