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Recruitment of teachers and MPs


It is really difficult to go against alleged irregularities practiced by some members of the Parliament in recruiting teachers of non-government secondary schools, colleges and madrasahs. Though they are members of only 3 to 4 schools, colleges or madrasas each in their localities but without his/her consent not a single recruitment can be made not even of a night guard.It is an open secret that all recruitments are made according to his/her will and allegedly for gratification and considering candidates’ party affiliation. Once schools were flooded with three third-division/class holders.
Now again, education ministry is trying to do something better t by stopping teacher recruitment by School Managing Committees but the MPs who are deadly against it.
May I appeal to the MPs and the concerned authority, please be with the education ministry and help establish PSC for recruiting quality teachers.
Mawduda Hasnin


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