Redicalised extremist youths think themselves 'popular'- Police survey

Redicalised extremist youths think themselves ‘popular’- Police survey


Dhaka – Though they have no real support in the community, the ‘wrongly-motivated’ young extremists think themselves popular, UNB news agency reported quoting from the summary of a survey conducted by the Police Headquarters recently.
Law enforcers are now looking for genuinely effective measures to deal with the challenges ahead to dismantle the troublemakers in society, an official told UNB, the report said.
“They (extremists) are highly motivated, I would say wrongly motivated. They’re ready to spare their own lives, parents and family,” the official was quoted as saying.The official, wishing to remain unnamed, said the extremists, mainly of the 15-35 age group, have their prime motivation which is to go to Jannah (heaven) through a short-cut-way.
The Police Headquarters carried out the survey on 50 arrestees, mainly from the northern region (Rajshahi, Rangpur) and came up with a summary that the extremists are mostly from no-income or low-income family, and they are not only from Madrasahs but equally from general education line.
Analysing over 50 incidents of extremism, the Police Headquarters reached a conclusion that most of the activists are frustrated because of personal and family reasons.
“They don’t have other criminal records or history prior to involving extremist activities,” an official said quoting the survey.
He said the extremists believe that they have ‘silent support’ in society as a whole and the mass people will join them soon at the so-called movement for Khilafat.
The Police Headquarters is now working to deal with the big challenge and change their mindsets.
The law enforcers think the entire nation will have to work together without undermining the common enemy.
“It’s a good sign that people have come out against militancy. And it’s true that people will take the lead role,” said another official.
Foreign Minister AH Mahmood Ali recently said the government will crush the nexus of terrorism, extremism, and radicalisation at any cost, and eliminate them all from Bangladesh.
The government has undertaken immediate and short-term measures and is also taking long-term measures to prevent the people getting radicalised.
Keeping the current situation in mind, the government is focusing on awareness building among people against terrorism and violent extremism, an official at the Home Ministry told UNB.
The government is also closely working with the civil society, religious leaders, and private sector for advocacy against violent extremism.
Both media and mosques have become important partners in the awareness building campaign. Imams have been trained and instructed to communicate with local people with the correct narratives of Islam.
A social movement against extremism has already gathered pace in the country with people from all sections getting together.
On July 1, such motivated homegrown terrorists carried out deadliest attack on Holey Artisan Bakery that claimed 17 foreign nationals apart from Bangladesh citizens and two cops.
While the nation and the entire world were shocked at the café attack, on July 7 the extremists came up with another attack at Sholakia.
Two police constables were killed while a dozen others including six cops were injured as the gang, comprised of seven to eight and armed with explosives, machetes and firearms, battled with law enforcers for more than an hour on the day.
On July 27, nine alleged militants were killed during a special drive in Dhaka’s Kalyanpur ‘militant den’.


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