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Role model Bangladesh!


Shiekh Hasina reiterates that Bangladesh is a role model of development. From the newspaper, we knew that one came in 30 minutes from Sylhet to Dhaka by air but it took four hours from the airport to the city. aOne cannot tell when a bus will reach Rangpur, Khulna, Sylhet or even Gazipur on road from Dhaka. Moreover, roads are dilapidated for a long time. Our labour cost is the lowest in the world but the flyover cost is highest in the world.
Essential goods like onion cost Tk 120 a kilo, rice more than Tk 60 for a long time and other essential goods are equally costly. Heath maintenance cost is exorbitant. So, middle, lower-middle and lower income group people are really in trouble.
Enforced disappearances are also a great concern for a long time.
Sheuly Haque
Sheuly Haque <>


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