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Rosatom presents popular books on nuke energy to Pabna schools


Russia’s State corporation- Rosatom with the support of Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) and Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission (BAEC) distributed a popular science book titled “Nuclear power: Q&A” among 30 schools in the town of Pabna, district town of Rooppur where the Bangladesh’s first nuclear power plant (NPP) is planned to be constructed according to Russian design.
The book contains 30 answers to the most frequently asked questions on nuclear power, NPPs’ operation, its safety and ecological friendliness for population. It also contains descriptive photos of NPPs, nuclear fuel and other relevant illustrations.“At the beginning of the year we started to work on public awareness about nuclear power, its advantages and safety. It is especially important that we demonstrate benefits of nuclear energy to inhabitants of the region near to NPP construction site”, said Vladislav Bochkov, Vice-President of Rusatom International Network, a subsidiary of Rosatom.
Earlier the booklets were distributed among schools in the towns of Ishwardi and Pakshi. The book became the first printed edition in Bangla where the basics of nuclear power are explained comprehensively both for children and grown-ups.
This year Rosatom plans to organise some more educational events for local residents in Ishwardi and in Pabna. Moreover, a modern Information center on Nuclear energy to be set up at Rooppur in near future, which will provide information on nuclear power as a whole and on Rooppur project in particular. The book has already been distributed among the visitors of the Infromation center in Dhaka which opened in 2013 and has already been visited by more than 20000 children and adults.
In the framework of the intergovernmental agreement between Russia and Bangladesh Rosatom is implementing the Bangladesh’s first nuclear power project at Rooppur, Ishwardi. The project will have two Russian-designed reactors. The main construction works will begin in 2016.- Truine Group press release.


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