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Rosatom to help Bolivia in developing nuclear sector


Dhaka – Bolivia has signed an agreement with and Russia’s state nuclear corporation Rosatom on construction of a nuclear research center in the city of El Alto.
Vice-President of Bolivia álvaro Marcelo garcía Liner, and Deputy Director General of Rosatom Kirill Komarov signed the deal on behalf of their sides.The agreement on cooperation in the construction of the center between Russia and Bolivia was signed in early March. It will be equipped with a multipurpose experimental gamma-installation based on research water-water reactor with the nominal capacity of 200 kW, and a cyclotron, engineering complex and the complex of scientific and other
Two other agreements were signed simultaneously. The second one for strengthening of contacts between universities in the two countries. Bolivian students, teachers and professionals will be able to study at the reputed universities of Russia”, said the
Minister of fuel and energy of Bolivia Luis Alberto Sanchez. The third one concerning dissemination of information about the benefits of nuclear technology among the people
The construction of the centre “Rosatom” is estimated to cost $300 million .The centre is expected to help Bolivia develop a vibrant nuclear energy sector to meet the needs of science, medicine, agriculture among others. – Triune Group press release


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