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RU BCL leader threatens to halt all exams


Rajshahi-A leader of Bangladesh Chhatra League (BCL) Rajshahi University (RU) unit has threatened to close all exams if the chance of appearing in the exam is not given to him. The incident was happened in front of the Information and science department of the university.
The BCL leader is Shariful Islam Saddam, organizing secretary of the university unit who lost his studentship due to two term year drops and failing in the exam.
Department source informed that, Sddam is a student of Information and Library Management department of 2010-11 sessions. He dropped two year in First year and failed in 3rd year.
According to the university regulation a student have to finish his graduation course in maximum six year. As he passed already 5 years having in 3rd he lost his chance to appear in the exam.
Eyewitness said saddam along with university president Rashedul Islam Ranju, general secretary Khalid hossain Biplop and others leaders-activists came to the department and sought permission to sit for the exam to the Chairman of the dpat. Dr. Parto Biplob Ray. After being rejected he gave a threat to close all exam.
Shariful Islam, denying the matter of threat to halt the exam he said that he sought the permission to the department but did not get the chance.
Dr. Parto Biplob Ray said that, the exam of first, second and third year is going on. Saddam sought permission to participate in exam but we can’t give the chance violating the rule.
Contacted, Rashedul Islam Ranju, president of the university unit, we requested the department to give a chance to sit for exam on behalf of Shariful but they rejected us with misbehave.-RU Correspondent


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