Saba's first commercial film

Saba’s first commercial film


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Primarily known for her work in the television industry of the country, Sohana Saba has previously done films such Aayna, Khelaghor, Chandrogrohon and Brihonnola which were a little different from the trademark commercial films. However, Saba has finally signed a commercial film with action sequences, dance numbers and everything that helps a film prosper on the commercial front.

Last Sunday, the actress posted on her Facebook profile which reads, “I am coming up with a new action romantic-comedy titled Abbas O2. It is purely a commercial film and will be directed by Saif Chandon.” She also joked about how she wasn’t sure about signing a film like this but she went ahead and took the opportunity to see how it turns out.

The actress will be starring opposite Nirob who is playing the role of Abbas in the film while it was revealed that Saba’s character’s name is O2, meaning Oxygen. Saba refrained from disclosing anything else about the film but when asked about her experience of working in a commercial film she said, “It doesn’t feel that different actually. I always try to give my hundred percent in every film that I do. I am doing the same here”

The shooting of the film started from September 20 at different locations situated in Old Dhaka and Manikganj.


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