SAFEST 'Mothers Day Action' May 21 in NY

SAFEST ‘Mothers Day Action’ May 21 in NY


New York: On May 21,2017 We are holding “South Asian Fund For Education, Scholarship and Training
(SAFEST) and Honorable Assemblyman Felex Ortiz (Brooklyn) is the sponsors “Mothers Day Action” on all the important issues of the DAY. From now on it will be Annually.Besides, there are Many Mother’s in their respective communities are surviving in a different ways in the United States. Now a day’s very massive problem in their community is “Single
Mother”. A large number of Women raising their children alone and affecting many other says to live for following reasons:
1.Due to immigration (co-parent is either deported or still awaiting for immigrant visa back in country) 2.Separated or Divorced; 3.Widow; 4. Domestic Violence; 5. Mental Health; 6. Lost/killed Child (Black Lives Matter); 7. Housing Crisis; 8. Hate Crimes; 9. Health Care; 10. Women’s Rights; We all know, Mothers are the pillars of nation and civilization.
We do believe that creating awareness of the above mentioned issues can help mothers to set on the same page with their goals for children & Family. Mothers’ voice should be loud and sould be heard heartily to built better lives in each and every community.
To raise this belief by creating awarness, SAFEST is going to organize “MOTHERS’ DAY ACTION ” to listen struggling mothers’ urge, to share and to find the ways to build an ideal platform to work shoulder to shoulder for struggling mothers’ survival.
A day long awarness program will be held on 21 May 2017, Sunday at Avenue C Plaza, Charch Macdonald, Brooklyn from 10am – 6pm on this regard. You are cordially invited to attend the MOTHERS’ DAY ACTION to provide your valuable thoughts and immense support.
We urge you to help struggling mothers with your enlightened presence beside them. Your Voice Your Openion and your soluation to problem will be heard, valued appreciated .
On that program, there will be thoughtful speeches by elected officials, Key-note speaker’s speech, views from struggling mothers and joint collaboration of resources, supporting organizations and sponsors to make mothers voice loud. We look forward to your attendance.
Please confirm RSVP your presence by 15 May 2017 via 646-318-4617. – Press release
Mazeda A. Uddin,


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