Salman Khan's Being Human funds a two-year-old baby's liver transplant funds

Salman Khan’s Being Human funds a two-year-old baby’s liver transplant funds


Salman Khan’s charitable organization Being Human is one great machinery which churns out a lot of resources to help people of every kind, especially children. Today, we spoke to Mr Rakesh Awar, father of a two-year-old child who is suffering from a liver ailment and needs a liver transparent.

“We had only heard that Salman Khan helps people. We needed help to collect funds for our child’s treatment, he needs a liver transplant which will cost us around 12 lakh rupees. Since we didn’t have sufficient funds we asked the doctor to give us some more time, so now the surgery is on July 18, 2017, it was earlier supposed to happen on May 31st. Being Human was the first charitable organization we approached and I was expecting to get a sum of 1 lakh rupees, but we got 2 lakhs instead. We also got around 5 lakh from Tata Charitable Trust, and around 3 lakh from Chief Minister’s trust. We still have to reach the 12 lakh target, but we are close. I am thankful to everybody who helped.”

Talking about being thankful for Salman Khan’s Being Human, Mr. Awar said, “I didn’t know I would actually get help from Being Human, but they helped, and it was an easier process. I am not a rich man, and I was not sure how to save my child. The treatment is going on at the Apollo Hospital in New Mumbai, right now my son is at home, and will be admitted to the hospital a few days before the date of liver transplant surgery. I am hopeful now.”

Salman Khan’s Being Human has been helping a lot of people. Through this initiative, the superstar makes sure that he gives back to the society., reports Indian Express .


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