Salman, Priyanka among Variety's 500 most influential people

Salman, Priyanka among Variety’s 500 most influential people


Each year the popular US entertainment magazine Variety unveils the world’s 500 most influential people who are shaping the global $2 trillion entertainment industry.This year, the list included 12 Indian faces from the Bollywood industry including Salman Khan and Priyanka Chopra.
Amongst the 12 Indians, Salman Khan’s profile lists his career ups and downs. The profile reads: “Salman Khan is one of the unrelated Khan triumvirate comprising Aamir and Shah Rukh that has been ruling the Bollywood box office for decades. Of the top ten grossing films of all time, Salman has three, as does Shah Rukh, while Aamir has four. Unlike his contemporary Khans whose fan bases are staid by comparison, every Salman release generates mass hysteria across India, a frenzy surpassed only by the fans of South Indian superstar Rajinikanth.”
Priyanka Chopra’s profile is detailed with her Miss World pageant win back in 2002 upto becoming a successful Bollywood actor. Variety also mentioned her production house, her moving to Hollywood with her TV show “Quantico” and starring in Hollywood movies as well. Later, they described her philanthropic work and becoming UNICEF’s Global Goodwill Ambassador.The Variety 500 is decided based on the accomplishments of the most influential people in entertainment over the year, reports Agencies.


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