Saudi Arabia world's least active country

Saudi Arabia world’s least active country


Saudi Arabia has been ranked as the least active country in the world, according to a recent study conducted by researchers at US-based Stanford University.
People in the kingdom were found to take an average of 3,807 steps a day, compared to a global average of 4,916.

Globally, the study analysed the data of 717,527 men and women in 111 countries. However, the results only listed 46 of the most and least active countries.
It found that people living in Hong Kong are the most active, walking an average of 6,880 steps a day. China and Sweden followed in second and third place, with people in the two countries walking an average of 6,189 and 5,863 steps per day respectively.
Overall, the list was topped by Hong Kong, China, Sweden, South Korea and the Czech Republic. Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Canada, Egypt and the United States were found to be the least active countries.
Regionally, UAE ranked 30th on the list, with individuals in the country walking an average of 4,516 steps a day.
The data was compiled from a smartphone app, Azumio Argus, which tracks physical activity through mobile sensors.
The app also provided demographical data about the age, gender, height and weight of the individuals. The researchers used this data to come up with average body mass indexes, and the average number of steps taken by men and women independently.
Using the data, the study concluded that in countries where the population had a higher average number of steps taken daily, obesity levels were lower in comparison to the population of countries with a lower steps average.
Individuals in the five countries with the least level of activity were found to be 196 per cent more likely to be obese than those in the five countries with the highest activity levels.
The researchers hope their findings will benefit public health campaigns against obesity, according to media reports.


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