Saudi govt to hire women 'soldiers'

Saudi govt to hire women ‘soldiers’


Saudi Arabia’s Directorate of Public Security is to hire female soldiers for the first time. The directorate has opened the door to accept women in military posts for the rank of ‘soldier’ in Riyadh, Makkah, Madinah, Qassim and Asir, according to Saudi Press Agency.

Applicants can apply through the jobs portal until March 1.

The Directorate of Public Security’s responsibilities include to help prevent and investigate crimes, combat drug and narcotic crimes, regulate and control traffic, issue vehicle registration and driving permits, receive civil complaints and protect visitors to the holy mosques, according to the Ministry of Interior website.

The conditions of admission include that applicants are of Saudi origin, excluding those who grew up with their father in a government job outside of the kingdom, and have at least a high school diploma.

They must be between 25 and 35 years of age, no shorter than 155cm with height proportional to their weight and pass personal, interview and medical tests.

Other conditions include that they are “well-behaved’, have not previously been employed by a government agency or within the military system and are not married to a non-Muslim.

In addition, their male guardian must be in the same region the job is located, according to SPA.

The kingdom has opened more and more job positions to women over the last year to increase their economic contribution.

Earlier this month, the Public Prosecution said it would begin hiring women as investigative officers for the first time, following similar announcements from the kingdom’s passport office and justice ministry.

Women are also expected to be able to drive from June following a September royal decree to lift the kingdom’s female driving ban.


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