Save the Sundarbans

Save the Sundarbans


The world’s largest mangrove forest Sundarbans must be saved from destruction. But our government is turning a deaf ear to this public demand.Their short-sighted ‘development’ plans has overshadowed the importance of protecting the environment. They are eager to give local and foreign businesses opportunities , but are not bothered with the fact that the Sundarbans are growing precarious by the day.There are multifarious activities going on for the steady destruction of the Sundarbans. For example, the plying of commercial vessels through the forest rivers. The dangers of this were manifest on 9 December 2014 whn an oil tanker capsized on the river Shyala. Three hundred and fifty lakhs of oil spread all over the forest. The resulting water and soil pollution harmed the flora and the fauna and this has not been made up in the past 15 years.

And yet vessels have not been stopped from plying through the Sundarbans. Just last Saturday a cargo vessel laden with 12 thousand metric tonnes of coal sunk in the very same river.Meanwhile, trees are being felled indiscriminately and tigers, along with other animals, are being hunted. Then there is the Rampal power plant project which will usher in serious danger to the forest, according to experts. There is a wave of public protest against this project but the authorities claim the power plant will not harm the Sundarbans. Yet the Indiad government has not allowed any such project in their country, in such close proximity to their side of the Sundarbans.The government policymakers must not be so shortsighted. The Sundarbans is an invaluable natural resource. The destruction of the forest in the name of development must be thwarted. The Rampal power plant project must b shifted elsewhere.Prohibit the movement of vessels though the forest. Stop the felling of trees and hunting of animals in the Sundarbans.
source: prothom alo


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