Science festival "In Fact – 2017" attracts young generation

Science festival “In Fact – 2017” attracts young generation


Dhaka – The science festival titled “In Fact 2017” in Dhaka and organized by Russia’s state atomic energy corporation – ROSATOM has been attracting the young generation mostly the students from schools, colleges and universities. The festival was formally inaugurated at Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Novotheatre yesterday (September 26) and will continue at different venues until September 28.The main goal of the festival is to raise awareness among the young generation in Bangladesh in the nuclear field and to promote science and technology.
The festival includes various programs like lecture sessions with the participation of Russian and Bangladeshi experts, demonstration of documentary films, interactive sessions, intellectual games, popular science talk shows among others. As part of the festival, a presentation on the topic “Nuclear technologies: How it works and how we use it in our life” was held at the Ganit Bhavan of the University of Dhaka. It was followed by the demonstration of a documentary film “Coexisting with radiation” along with an interactive session.
Today’s programs include presentation on “The most unusual experiments and inventions” and “Myths about radiation safety” is being held at the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) and an educational event at Russian Center of Science and Technology. Both the sessions are addressed by Russian and Bangladeshi experts.
The Inaugural Ceremony, which was held yesterday (September 26, 2017) was addressed by Basher Md. Zahurul Islam, Director General, Bangobhandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Novotheater, Alexander P. Demin, Director, Russian Center of Science and Culture in Dhaka, Dr. Shafiqul Islam Bhuiyan and Engr. M. Ali Zulquarnain, Ex-Chairmen, Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission, Shafiqul Islam Head of the Department, Department of Nuclear Engineering, University of Dhaka, Col Abu Zafor Mohammad Salahuddin, Dean, Nuclear Science & Biomedical Engineering, Military Institute of Science and Technology among others.
A big delegation from Russia including Rostislav Kuznetsov, Head of Radiochemistry, Dimitrovgrad Engineering Technological Institute; Dr. Sharabura Tatiana, Radiation Oncologist,; Elia Kabanov, a science journalist are now visiting Bangladesh to attend the festival.
The festival is being managed by ANPO Energy of the Future, a concern of Rosatom and is supported by ASE Group of Companies ,a subsidiary of ROSATOM, Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Novotheatre Dhaka , University of Dhaka, BUET Nuclear Engineering Club (BNEC), Jahangirnagar University, Russian Center of Science and Culture Dhaka, Information Center of Nuclear Energy (ICONE) in Dhaka. – Triune Group Press releaase


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