Selfie stick an 'isolator' that promotes narcissism

Selfie stick an ‘isolator’ that promotes narcissism


Selfie sticks are no longer just a convenience but considered the new symbol of millennial narcissism and self-absorption, a new study says.Jesse Fox, an assistant professor of communications at the Ohio State University, believes the selfie stick will further isolate this generation and those to come, reported medical“It’s a thing that couples and families are using so that they can fit everyone and the full background in their photo without passing their phone off to a stranger,” Fox was quoted as saying by OSU’s student newspaper The Lantern.”But it’s definitely cutting down that social interaction of Oh, will you take a photo for us if, we take one for you among people,” he added.Fox also examined selfie narcissism in a recent study. She found that men who spend a lot of time editing and posting selfies had a higher score on the narcissism scale and create self-objectification, which involves posters to value themselves only for their appearance rather than other personality or character traits.This led to the conclusion that selfie-taking men were more likely to exhibit psychopathic qualities.”It really comes down to people wanting other people to approve how smart and beautiful and wonderful they are by ‘liking’ their Facebook or Instagram photos,” Fox said.


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