'Sent Jeviar' College placel wreath at JU Shaheed Minar

‘Sent Jeviar’ College placel wreath at JU Shaheed Minar


JU Correspondent
A delegation of ‘Sent Jeviar’ college of Kolkata under India state set a floral wreath today at Jahangirnagar University (JU) central Shaheed Minar.Around 4pm 8 member of the delegation team led by Prof Ashish Mitra of the college set floral wreath at the Shaheed Minar, later a really also held presided over by JU Vice Chancellor Prof Farzana Islam at the premises of the monument.
Addressing at the really Prof Farzana Islam greetings the delegation team and said the history of language movement is a glory of the whole twice-bangle people. The really hosted by the JU Student Welfare and Counseling Centre (JUSWCC).
Among others Prof Ashish Mitra, secretary of Bengali Literature Society Suveccha Choudwary addressed the really.


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