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Seven bkash agents held for alleged illegal transaction


Dhaka, 03 Jan – The Crime Investigation department (CID) arrested seven bkash Agent for allegation of illegal transactions. CID said seven agents of bkash were arrested on Wednesday in several districts of the country. Eight money laundering cases were filed against them.According to a report by the Bangladesh Financial Intelligence Unit (BFIU) Bangladeshi expatriates’ transacted money through the bKash Agent in collaboration with an organized group which is illegal. The government deprived of remittance that coming from the foreign country due to the incorrect rules said CID in a press conference.
The arrestees are- MD. Mannan, 30 from Rajshahi, Songit Kumar Pal, 45, Md. Jaminul Haque, 38, Mojammel Molla, 33, Md. Hassian Ali, 45 from Pabna, Didarul from Cittagang and Abu Bakar from Mymansing. Another agent Monowar Hossain Mint 29 escaped.
In a press conference at the head office of CID at Malibagh, Molla Nazrul Islam, Special Correspondent of CID Organized Crime Unit, said that the allegations came against the 2,800 bKash agents across the country. Of this, it is reported that there were illegal transactions of huge amount from 25 agent numbers. On the other hand, a report by Bangladesh Financial Intelligence Unit (BFIU) also alleged 7 bKash agents for illegal trading. Then CID investigated about the allegation.
Molla Nazrul Islam said that an organized circle illegally trafficked expatriates’ income to reduce the flow of remittance. This is a crime under the money laundering act. This organized group transacted money through illegal process instead of not going proper banking way. In this case some of bkash agents in our country are involved.
Through the investigation it was found that electronic messages from Singapore, Malaysia or any country in the Middle East send to Chittagong, Pabna or Madaripur indicating the amount of money and the place. Some members of hundi team who are outside from Bangladesh and some local members received the money from wage honors but not sending the money in Bangladesh. They just paid local rates.
The police official said, bKash agents are sending money to the desired place according to the message without maintaining any kind of rule. For this they used bkash account. Bangladesh is a victim of not getting remittance for not receiving money directly from banking service. It will bring Negative impact in foreign trade. Such transactions are related in accordance with 2 (a) and (2) of money laundering Prevention Act, 2017 (Amended 2016). Action will be taken against those involved in the case. Investigation is going on.
Molla Nazrul Islam mentioned that we knew about some high official’s involvement. If there any high officials are involved, action will take against them.
Shamsuddin Haider Dalim, head of corporate communications of bKash told the independent that some quarters are involved behind money launder after taking the advantage of mobile banking. we don’t have any agent outside the country. they are implicated in this evil deed using our logo. – Staff Reporter


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