Shimulia-Kawrakandi ferry plying resumes

Shimulia-Kawrakandi ferry plying resumes


Ferry movement on the Shimulia-Kawrakandi route in the Padma River resumed on Wednesday morning after nine hours of disruption caused by dense fog.Shah M Khaled Newaj, additional general manager of BIWTA, said the ferry service and plying of water vessels had been kept suspended on the route from 1am to 10am due to blurred visibility caused by dense fog.

However, the ferry service resumed around 10am as the fog started disappearing with the sunrise, Khaled added.Earlier, six ferries stayed motionless in the middle of the river to avoid accident amid the foggy atmosphere with several hundred passengers and vehicles on board.Besides, several hundred vehicles had to wait on both sides of the river. -UNB, Munshiganj


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