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Shrinking rail services


Thanks to the daily star for publishing “Railway reels from manpower crisis” on October 9, 2015. AL government came to power saying in their manifesto that one member of each family will get job.
Around 12000 posts of officers and employees have been vacant for a long time. A total of 140 railway stations had to close in the last few years due to acute shortage of manpower and it continues. More stations have been closing every year.People like rail service very much. Rail service has not been improved by the incumbent government though it has almost doubled the fair. There is no curtain in  the compartments of Padma, Silkcity, Dhumketu for a long time. During the day time it is difficult for passengers to sit in their compartments. Foams of the seats are not comfortable and many seats have no foams for comfort of passengers who travel long distances.
Teaching as well as administrative positions have also been vacant in government primary schools to tertiary level educational institutions for a long time. The manpower scenario is almost same in the other sectors.
Mawduda Hasnin


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